Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 12/26/14 – K. Diver

This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is K. Diver, a severely underrated emcee with a dynamic flow. While many other rappers try to stretch their lyrical muscles and fall into the backpack rap category, and others focus more on their beat selection than their lyrics, KD finds just the right balance to avoid the backpack or trap labels. This blending of styles is most present on his new release, “The Epic: Journey of Life to Escape Death”, which dropped earlier this week.

K.Diver launches into a lyrical assault from the beginning of “Merci & Lagos”, which is definitely a way to start off a project and make a release memorable. “Southern California” features a sample of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You”, with an ode to hanging out with girls and California’s most famous cash crop. Rather than keeping things simple, KD opts to keep his roll going, with adlibs that somehow become a freestyle, and it’s clear that things are in full flex mode. On the recently release “Ace & Mitch”, you can bounce to K. Diver & AllCashTtyme’s flow, let alone the spacey beat provided by Koen.

In fact, along with the vocals, the production on “The Epic” is on point as well, too. “Like That” features an absolutely filthy synth line from Wantigga, and “Chandeliers” is a smooth canvas for KD & Dee Phr3sh! to spaz on. A little more than halfway into the project, and there’s very little weak spots to be found. “Gold Florence x BankRoll” is an absolute banger, with some tripped out vocals added by Deonte Neely. That momentum carries onto the chilled out “What They Lack”, and you can tell that KD is relentless on the microphone.

It’s undeniable that “The Epic: Journey of Life to Escape Death” is a quality project from start to finish. The truth is, K. Diver has had records of this quality for a while, and people are starting quickly catch wind of who he is as an artist. It appears as though if this momentum keeps up, K. Diver will be doing his part to carve his name even further into the Milwaukee music scene. Check out “The Epic: Journey of Life to Escape Death” below:

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