Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 8/1/14 – Will In The Sky

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Will In The Sky, a determined up and coming emcee with a new project that is full of potential. Will first caught our ear in our #MKEMusicMonday series on Twitter, when he supplied us with new music almost weekly. Little did we know that all of those tracks would culminate by releasing “Sun Child”, his latest mixtape, earlier this week. The project is a showcase for Will, and undoubtedly the precursor for even more music to come. This project stands well on it’s own though, and is well worth the download.

Will makes no issue about taking the spotlight on “Sun Child”. With only a couple of select features, it’s clear that he took his time crafting this tape, and he definitely makes himself stand out on the tracks that he is featured on. He shows that he can get lyrical, and avoids trying to make simple rap. It’s always a welcome sign from the up and coming artists when they avoid sitting back and letting the beat do the work, and Will avoids that mistake with ease. On songs like “MAYA”, Will flexes a little bit of his soulful side, with a song that backpack fans can appreciate. He also channels his inner Kid Cudi on songs like “On One”, as well. With a solid mix of styles within one package, this mixtape is distinctively a summer sound (including the track “Summer Song”, as well). I would recommend listening to it in the car, driving around dusk. But that’s just me.

“Sun Child” is only the latest in Will’s ever growing arsenal of tracks. Earlier this year, he was featured on the “New Dimensions EP” with Julyeth. The duo put out a smooth five song release, trading flows back and forth. With Will’s ability to get onto a track with ease, as well as his willingness to get his name out to the public as much as possible, it’s apparent that he has the potential to make a name for himself in Milwaukee and beyond. Check out both “Sun Child” and the “New Dimensions” EP below:

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