Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 7/11/14 – K.C. Jone$

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is K.C. Jone$, an underrated emcee with a lot to say. We first got word of K.C. through our #MKEMusicMondays on Twitter, where he consistently unleashed new records for all of us to check out. It seems like almost every week, he’s back with another one, and it’s definitely quality to go with the quantity. K.C. compiled some of his best records into a collection on his Soundcloud, entitled “Best Out Flex Out”, and it’s a great introduction to his music if you’ve never heard him.

Jone$’ style is a mix of old school, boom bap hip hop with a touch of new school flare. While it would be easy to keep his lyrical content minimal to match some of the beats that he selects, he proves that he can also spit with the best of them. “Best Out Flex Out” is definitely an example of that. The front end of the tape, “Bird Call” and “Backwords Words” show off his flow from the jump, and from then on, you’re hooked. Jone$ has a very natural flow on tracks “Change” and “Fire”, as well. It’s clear that Jone$ doesn’t play when demonstrating his lyrical ability.

To top it off, while most mixtapes limp to the finish line, this collection of tracks features what could probably best be described as a single in “Stoop Kids”, near the bottom of the collection. Plus, his flow over Mobb Deep’s famous (or infamous, get it?) “Shook Ones” beat is unreal. The key is that K.C. treats every track as if it was a single, so he brings his best whenever possible. All pf that makes for some quality hip hop, and that’s really all you need. Stream “Best Out, Flex Out” below:

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