REVIEW: Best Coast at Summerfest – 6/26

In the midst of a foggy night two of Summerfest, California indie group Best Coast found a way to bring some California-esque warmth to the U.S. Cellular Connections Stage. Frontwoman Bethany Cosentino, outfitted in a Simpsons dress and Air Jordans (though she mentioned she insisted on wearing sweatpants), commanded the stage with ease for a surprisingly small crowd. She, along with guitarist Bobb Bruno, were smiling and laughing with one another throughout the night, which is always a good sign to see from a band on stage. You could tell that Best Coast really do enjoy the music that they play, and even though the weather was less than ideal for the Californians, they made the best of it. As their song “The Only Place” suggests, they do in fact, always have fun.

Cosentino and Bruno ripped through around a 50 minute set, keeping the energy up throughout the night, and the crowd responded accordingly, dancing along (possibly just to keep warm, but probably not). The set relied heavily on songs from their most recent release, 2013’s “Fade Away”, and that was of nobody’s disappointment. Cosentino also mentioned that there is a fourth Best Coast album that is completely done, due out “sometime later this year”. It was clear that even though the night was foggy, Best Coast were going to shine, and for the hundreds that packed the first set of bleachers at the U.S. Cellular Stage, they did just that.

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