INTERVIEW: Mandy Jiroux


You may know Mandy Jiroux as the sidekick to Miley Cyrus in their old YouTube show, The Miley and Mandy Show. Or, you may know Mandy as the founder of girl group BG5, which was managed by Kris Jenner. On top of that, Jiroux is also a YouTube fitness and dance personality. In any capacity, you probably know that she is no stranger to the spotlight. Making a go of it on her own, Jiroux is touching down in Milwaukee on Tuesday, July 1st, at the Miller Lite Oasis. We got the opportunity to ask her a few questions, ranging from her upcoming music plans to her celebrity friends. Get Mandy’s take on all of this below:

A lot of people know you from YouTube. Is it hard to take translate that into getting a following for a live show?

I think the YouTube platform will only help people know where and when I’m performing.

Describe your sound for people who have never heard your music.

My sound is definitely on the pop, dance, upbeat side. Some songs have more of an EDM feel, while others have a pop summer feel. My music is definitely something you want to get up and dance to or sing along to in a car with a bunch of your friends. I’ve been through a lot this past year and have grown up quite a bit. My music represents my life experiences and I think people will really be able to relate to that.

You were on the Miley & Mandy YouTube show with Miley Cyrus. Do you look to her as an influence on some of your music?

Miley’s music has always inspired me and I just hope to create an album as amazing as hers!

Have you been to Summerfest before? Any idea on what to expect?

I’ve never been! I am so excited! I’ve heard amazing things about it. I cannot wait to see all the performers and I really can’t believe I’ll be performing on the same stage as the Arctic Monkeys. My favorite band!

You’re performing and doing a DJ set. Which do you prefer?

I would say both. They are both different experiences and are fun in their own ways! As long as I’m up on that stage I’m a happy girl.

Your girl group was managed by Kris Jenner. Who’s the crazier personality, Miley or Kris?

I would say Miley. Her personality is infectious.

What’s next for you? An album? Touring still?

All of the above! Creating my album, performing, releasing 2 features this summer, coming out with an eyewear and shape wear line, the movie I filmed is coming out this year. I’m just excited about a lot!

Anything you’d like to tell Milwaukee before your show?

I love you Milwaukee! And Wisconsin accents are the best.

You can catch Mandy Jiroux on Tuesday at 6 PM on the Miller Lite Oasis stage.

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