AUDIO: Pizzle – “Kilwaukee”

It started with a tweet:

And that’s really all it needed to be.

Pizzle absolutely bodied his own version of “Chiraq”, bringing an intricate double time flow, which has become his calling card. However, this week just so happens to be a week that government officials in Milwaukee are touting as a “Ceasefire Week”, so a story emerged out of it. I don’t know if there were motives behind dropping the track today (if there secretly was, it’s a genius marketing move), and honestly, there probably wasn’t any correlation to Ceasefire Week. Pizzle has just decided to randomly drop music before. No harm, no foul. But I really hope that the story that CBS 58 decided to run with doesn’t overshadow the music. Because that’s all it is; just music. Don’t overreact. Listen to it, take it for what it was meant to be: talent at face value, and enjoy it.

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