Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 4/18/14 – Dahm & Mashio

This week’s Milwaukee Artist(s) of the week are Dahm & Mashio, two members of the Cream City Collective. The duo recently released their album, “Illuminati Shit”, and I’m already willing to bet that it will be one of the most underrated albums of this year.

Don’t let the intro track deceive you; the 12 tracks that follow before the outro are nothing but authentic hip hop. The Cream City Collective as a whole is comprised of newcomers to the Milwaukee scene, but they all have some skill on the mic. While they may be young, you couldn’t tell that from their delivery. Both Dahm and Mashio sound very experienced at their respective crafts, and that’s a great starting point for them as they dive into the Milwaukee hip hop scene.

Backed by solid instrumentals, including some classic J. Dilla & Madlib tracks, both artists unleash their lyrical arsenal with ease. The two are backed up by strong features from Jay Michael and Journell Pierre, as well. The tracks with features often have the feel of a cypher as well, which is something that a hip hop purist has to get with. “Karate Noises” is a hidden gem, buried in the track list, but carrying a very 90’s feel. The majority of the project, though, is produced by Dahm. While many rappers try to go the rapper/producer route, Dahm is able to pull double duty without affecting either his rapping or production. More often than not, trying to do both doesn’t always work out. Mashio has his role figured out as well, spitting complex lyrical patterns from beginning to end.

This is a strong project, and both artists held up their end of the work. Keep an eye out for Dahm, Mashio, and the rest of the Cream City Collective this year. They aren’t as well known as some of the other hip hop cliques in Milwaukee, but that’s going to change soon if they keep putting out quality material like this. Stream “Illuminati Shit” below:

For more of Dahm & Mashio, follow them on Twitter, or the Cream City Collective on Soundcloud.

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