Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 4/4/14 – Lah-Kid

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Lah-Kid, a north side emcee that is gritty, to say the least. Proudly touting his upbringing on 17th & Keefe, he embodies the energy of his hood every time that he steps to the mic. His new album, “Paradi$e Lost”, is no exception, as he blends excellent production with a fearless flow. To say that Lah-Kid is hungry for success is an understatement at best.

Lah-Kid’s delivery throughout “Paradi$e Lost” makes it apparent that he is out to prove himself, by any means necessary. Several tracks throughout the project touch on the different sides to his story. On some tracks, such as “GMA (Featuring Kiara Dupree), it’s almost as if he’s playing the role of hood reporter, detailing the rough environment that he’s called home all of his life. In other spots, such as tracks “South Beach” and “Champagne On A Jet”, he is anything but subtle about his pursuit of success, fame, and fortune. He also isn’t afraid to talk about the frustration of trying to succeed, but spinning his wheels in an effort to gain some momentum with his music. Several bars throughout the album reflect the reality of trying to make it as a rapper, especially in a section of a city that is saturated with people that have similar aspirations. Through all of this, Lah-Kid showcases who he is as an artist, and what he stands for.

From a delivery standpoint, Lah-Kid shines on “Paradi$e Lost”. It’s hard to find a weak bar, as he is on point with his flow, and vocally stands out for the determination and grit that you can hear in his voice. On that alone, much less his work ethic to stand out in the city, you can tell that Lah-Kid really does grind to get his name up. Hard work pays off when projects like this are the end result. There are other bright points on this album, such as well selected features from Kiara Dupree and Yo-Dot. These limited selections only compliment the rest of the album, proving that Lah-Kid can carry a track on his own without a feature-heavy project. That being said, the features just fit well, rather than appearing forced. Well played.

View the trailer for the album below, and click on the album cover to stream “Paradi$e Lost”

For more Lah-Kid, check him out on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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