Allen at SXSW: Friday Recap


Before leaving the Milwaukee house for the day on Friday, a friend informed me that Fridays are usually the best days to be there. He was definitely not wrong; I think it was my favorite day so far. I went with the Uni-Fi Records crew to the Thirsty Nickel, where Dana Coppa and Klassik performed. Dana did a solo set with Mammyth on the turntables, and drew a crowd from 6th Street, which was by far the busiest that I’ve seen it so far.

Following Dana’s set, they naturally transitioned via collaboration track “Wait” into Klassik’s set. Klassik has been playing throughout SXSW with the support of Fresh Cut Collective, and the live band definitely works his favor. With the crowd Dana Coppa drew in, Klassik added to it and got them all moving. It was great to see Milwaukee perform to this level at SXSW. It can only go upward from here, and hopefully the artists that performed here can take back some sense of community to Milwaukee and build a stronger scene there.

The rest of the night was spent walking around 6th Street and downtown Austin. It was absolute mayhem. Think Mardi Gras meets Summerfest. That still doesn’t really do it justice. There was music and music lovers literally everywhere. One thing that was discussed is that there really hasn’t been any fights here, despite the amount of intoxicated people that I’ve seen. It’s amazing to see an event of this magnitude without any fighting. Based on my Summerfest experience, anyway, I find that impressive.

Saturday is my final day at SXSW, and it’s the last day of the event overall. If last night was any indicator, today should be an unreal way to finish my first SXSW experience. It’s raining in Austin, but I’m still anticipating a great Saturday downtown. Follow us on Instagram,


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