Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 2/21/14 – Rich P.

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Rich P., a rapper who’s making his name on his own terms. In the world of hip hop, especially at the local level, it’s easy to imitate what the next levels up are doing. Rich P., however, is carving his own lane. He’s authentic, transparent, and more than anything, honest. And he makes quality music, as well, as evidenced by his latest album, “Moon Rising: The Richtape Vol. 2”

Littered with great samples and production, Rich P. takes you from point A to point B with ease on this release. With a higher energy introduction like non-intro opener “Risen”, and a smoother following track in “Stranger”, you get to see the range that Rich P. is developing. There’s loads of hunger, as well. As Rich will tell you himself, he’s looking to do it for the passion, rather than trying to get a mansion, and that’s what drives good music like this album. It’s not backpack hip hop, but it’s not trap music, either. It’s just smooth, authentic, originality.

With a plethora of catchy hooks and attention getting bars, “Moon Rising” carries a bunch of tracks and verses worth hitting the repeat button. All the elements really just come together nicely on this project. It’s not over the top in one direction or another. It’s not overly lyrical, but there are strong bars. There aren’t big beats, but there’s some solid production, It’s not an hour long brag-fest, but there’s moments of some hubris from Rich P. It’s just a nice balance of all of the elements of a good album.

Releases like “Moon Rising” are nothing new for Rich P. He consistently puts out new music, and is always working on more. And every track is relatable to some degree, which isn’t necessarily the case for all of the rappers out now. Rich P. is here to tell his story, and you can stream that below, as well as his latest video, “Big Trouble” (remember when I said he had catchy hooks?)

For more Rich P., follow him on Twitter.

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