Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 2/7/14 – Rusty P’s

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is a long overdue homage to the Rusty P’s, one of Milwaukee (and the midwest)’s premier hip hop groups. With a career dating back to 1995, the P’s are an inspiration to many, especially in Milwaukee. The group is also a testament to the power of sticking to your guns creatively, as they have not wavered from the music that they have wanted to make, and still seen great success from it.

The group formed under the original name of the Rusty Pelicans, which later became abbreviated to the Rusty Ps. Count Classic and Phantom Channel, the duo of original members that continue on with the Ps name to this day, have been a part of 13+ releases, not including the array of recent singles and various other projects that have come up along the way. With a discography spanning vinyl, cassette, CDs and digital releases, the Ps have seen the music world evolve, while still keeping their timeless, golden era of hip hop sound relevant.

Another really important aspect of the Rusty Ps is all of the people that they’ve gotten to work with over the years, some of which are very important to the Milwaukee hip hop scene today. Dana Coppa, Jordan “DJ Madhatter” Lee of Radio Milwaukee, Kid Millions, and Slug from Atmosphere are just some of the people that have involved with Ps releases. Groups like Black Elephant, Citizen King, and Fresh Cut Collective have also been tied to the Rusty Ps at some point as well. The group has toured the world, delivering their own unique brand of backpack hip hop, and undoubtedly influenced a lot of Milwaukee hip hop heads along the way.

Count Classic and Phantom Channel also aren’t showing signs of stopping, either. The Rusty Ps just released a video for “Up” a new single, that accompanies a few other newer tracks on their Soundcloud page. The Rusty Ps are legend in Milwaukee, and continue to create. We can only hope that they will have more releases in the future, further cementing their name in Milwaukee’s music history.

For more of the Rusty Ps, check out their Facebook, and their website.

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