REVIEW: Royale – “Royale” (EP)

Chicago trio Royale recently put out their debut EP on Soundcloud, and I finally had the chance to check it out. Clocking in at just 11 minutes total, I would definitely advise you to do the same. The release features just three songs, each getting slightly heavier as they go on. If you’re a fan of alternative from the 90s through now, there’s at least one favorite track for you on this EP.

Opener “Out of Season” is an acoustic driven, mellow introduction to Royale. It’s solid, especially with the added effects and post production touches that come and go throughout. With haunting backing vocals and touches of extra percussion, this song sets a tone for the rest of the EP. “Out of Season” is followed by the standout track of this trio, “1981”. With a bit of mellow ambience, a la bands like Minus The Bear, this is another well produced piece of work. “Robots With Guns” rounds out the EP, and while it sounds a bit out of place compared to the previous songs, this is the heaviest song of the set. Plus, it’s hard to be mellow with a song title like “Robots With Guns”, anyway. All in all, this is a good release to add to your music rotation. And for free, why wouldn’t you?

For more Royale, visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

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