REVIEW: Klassik – “Young Rising Phenoms”

Had he not already been mentioned as Milwaukee Artist of the Week before, Klassik would definitely earn it for his latest release “YRP”, or “Young Rising Phenoms”. It is more than apparent that he is one of the most talented artists in Milwaukee, blending jazz with hip hop with electronic music into a hybrid that is all his own. Quite frankly, his sound is nothing that anybody can touch right now (in my humble opinion). “YRP” is a reflection of that.

From opener instrumental “Haunts Me”, you know you are in for a treat. This is something unique, and if you’ve followed Klassik, you can’t help but be amazed at his progression. The chorus to “This Is That New!” sums up the whole project: “Everything’s sounding the same, so I made me my own lane.” Being creative and original is nothing new for Klassik; his performance at Summerfest this year was an event in itself, and this album in some ways feels like an extension of that show. During his extensive set, he wasn’t afraid to break down, changing up the tempo, and songs like mid-album cut “Overload” do just that on “YRP”. Klassik has great range, though, so this move doesn’t damper the album as much as it could. Klassik also deviates slightly from his normal form on “#KeepItKlassik”, with one of the more ego-filled tracks that I’ve ever heard from him. It’s by no means Kanye West “Watch The Throne” braggadocio levels, but with the amount of quality music that he’s put out, he’s definitely earned the right to talk a little smack once and a while. Lead single “Boogie” is just that; a four minute party. The ending section of this album is also jam packed with quality production.

It’s obvious that Klassik puts his heart and soul into everything that he does, and this album is no exception. This album feels like a story in a lot of ways; like you’re watching Klassik elevate right in front of you. He truly is a young, rising phenom. Make sure you keep your eye on this incredible talent, because while he’s done a lot already, he’s still got a ton of potential to do bigger things.

BONUS: Check out the video for “Boogie” below:

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