Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 9/27/13 – Flo’-Tron

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Flo’-Tron, a tandem that brings nothing but authentic hip hop. The duo, comprised of Mic Crawf and S.T. Pennz, are an embodiment of a generation that grew up with a golden era of lyricism. One listen to their newest release, the “WBLK Radio” EP, and you can hear the influence of legends like Jurassic 5, Commmon, and Wu-Tang Clan, amongst many others that were standouts of their day. With that said, Flo-Tron isn’t merely a callback to days past. WBLK Radio is an expansion on classic hip hop sound, with a positive, fun swing. While many emcees are out to prove themselves lyrically, or conversely rap about getting their money up, Flo’-Tron sound like they rap purely for the fun of rapping, which is the essence of hip hop.

Even with a calm, fun demeanor, Flo’-Tron still manage to lyrically flex their muscles all over WBLK Radio. Their flow, mixed with the cuts of DJ Charlie Hustle, sound effortless. That’s how it sounds when hip hop is done right. There’s no drop-off from verse to verse, either; both Mic Crawf and S.T. Pennz catch a beat with ease. Features from Mech, Scott Summers, and King Saul add extra flavor to this release, as well. Rather than an EP, WBLK Radio has the feel of a 20 minute long cypher. Hip hop purists and music fans in general can pick out something to like out of this release, and we can expect to hear a lot more from Flo’-Tron in the future. Stream WBLK Radio below via Bandcamp.

For more Flo’-Tron, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

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