Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 9/6/13 – Jhon Toso

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week, Jhon Toso, first fell onto our radar with a #MKEMusicMonday post on Twitter. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, his sound blends classic hip hop delivery with new school cool. His latest project, “DEJHON LP: FFT” is truly a diamond in the rough. Oh… and he’s only 17. Not only does Toso rap, he also produces, writes spoken word, and is a designer as well. A true creative spirit with unlimited potential, Jhon Toso will be a force to be reckoned with.

Toso produced his entire album, and the beats are worthy of a Miltown Beatdown entry on their own, featuring high pitched samples reminiscent of a younger, pre-Yeezus Kanye West. With an impressive flow over the top of his smooth production, “DEJHON LP:FFT” is headphone ready and then some. Toso doesn’t keep the spotlight completely on himself, though; the project features vocals from Dria, as well as verses from newcomers C-Unique, Scott Dangerfield, and Chris P as well. With the influence of conscious hip hop stars like Lupe Fiasco and Talib Kweli, Toso isn’t afraid of touchy subjects as well, such as the narrative on “Flat Lines” amongst other thought provoking verses. The structure of “DEJHON LP: FFT” is broken up well, mixing harder beats with mellow tracks, without anything sounding forced along the way. When a project can sound diverse, yet natural, it is effective and then some. This LP is a near-hour long journey, with a solid introduction to Jhon Toso.

Artists like Toso are why this blog exists; while he may not have the biggest following, he is infinitely talented. His level of creativity is definitely worthy of being showcased. Stream “DEJHON LP: FFT” below, and see the result of a 17 year old creative making the most of his opportunities.

For more Jhon Toso, check out his Facebook and Twitter.

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