Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 3/8/13 – Alchemy

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It’s been a good week for this week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week, Alchemy. This time last week, they were gearing up for the Spotlight MKE show at Marquette’s Annex, which they won. They caught the ears and attention of the significantly large crowd for shows in that venue, and now have won an opening spot for MTV buzz band twenty one pilots and Red Bull Records’ Five Knives. Not a bad start to their weekend. In addition to that success, they’ve garnered the attention of online music sites with the teaser to their new EP “Gold”, due out next month. On top of all of that, they’ve also released their latest video, “Creature of Love”. Things are moving fast for Alchemy.

It was obvious in their performance at Spotlight MKE that Alchemy knows the finer points of performing. It’s amazing to see this from them, because they’re a fairly new band. At less than a year old, they have the components of a much more veteran band. The sound is there, the presence is there, and the group has a sense of identity. A lot of times, especially in the early days of a band, it is rare to see a group that has found themselves. It appears as though Alchemy has that sense of unity, and is about to do some amazing things in the future with it.

Check out “Creature of Love” below:

“Gold” EP Trailer:

For more Alchemy, check out their Facebook, Twitter, and website.

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