Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 3/1/13 – The Outliers

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The Outliers

Imagine taking your four favorite alternative or indie bands, and throwing them in a blender. That is the best way to describe this week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week, The Outliers. Formed in 2009, this group of guys has the classic garage rock sound figured out. Mixing elements from influences like The Strokes and Wolfmother, their sound is a refreshing hybrid of sub-genres. They manage to blend a mix of a classic rock style and songwriting with the grit and energy of a garage band. While they may borrow elements that different bands use, they mold them together to create something that is uniquely their own.

In only a couple of years, The Outliers have already put out both a 10 song EP and 12 song full length album, and are in the process of working on another LP. In addition to putting out new material, the band has also had the opportunity to play in a variety of places around Wisconsin, and will be making their way around to a variety of venues this year, as well. With an album on the way, 2013 is looking like it will be a big step up for this band. Make sure you’re looking out for them.

Preview their latest album, “Neon Leon” here, and make sure to purchase it via Bandcamp.

For more of The Outliers, check out their Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, and website.

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