Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 1/11/13 – K.I.D.

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Out of boredom on Monday, we asked on our Twitter “who should we be following that we aren’t already?”. One of our followers mentioned that we should be following @K_E_N_N_E_Y, an account that we had never seen before, because he was a Milwaukee artist. This was our introduction to K.I.D.. A few days later, out of curiosity, we saw a link to a mixtape, and decided to download it. Turns out we downloaded “Homecoming”, K.I.D.’s newest release. The tape was released Tuesday night, and it definitely isn’t like most of the mixtapes that you find on Twitter. Homecoming is 11 quality tracks, and K.I.D. brings it throughout the tape. He manages to mix styles without anything seeming like a stretch for him. He can rap for the ladies (see “My Queen”), but can also talk about hustling (see “I Earned It”) and none of it sounds forced. There is something to be said about that type of versatility. Unfortunately, we don’t have a streaming link for this tape, but download it below by clicking on the cover or by clicking here and check it out.

For more K.I.D., check him out on Twitter and Facebook.

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