The Cranberry Show – “Paranormal Karaoke” (Free Album)

So… I really don’t need to post this. The Cranberry Show doesn’t need my help spreading this track around. This album was released today on and, which are both substantially bigger blogs than mine. But I just want you to hear this album. If you don’t download or listen to anything else that I write about, at least give The Cranberry Show a shot. And I’m not just saying that cause I produce for them once in a while. This is a solid album front to back. Click on the major hip-hop blog logo of your choosing to download the album. They’ll also be at The Rave tomorrow night, co-headlining an album release show with Mike Stud. I’ll be in the building. You should be too.

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  • Wanted 2 come here personally & say UR CRAZY IF U DON’T THINK WE NEED UR HELP… 4real, We need ppl like u the most bro. The ones that genuinely have a respect 4 music & a love 4 TCS. Ur only a small blog for now, with patience & persistence u can b as big as u want. But while it is in the smaller stages we need it because the ppl that do come here will tell friends as I’m sure u will. Great write up G…NEVER think we don’t need u cuz that’s a lie…lol #DOPElife till this bitch blows up

  • Haha thanks. See you at the show tomorrow dude!

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