RockzSolid – “For The Love” Mixtape

In Milwaukee, the south side is the least represented side of town, and in many instances it’s for good reason. However, RockzSolid is definitely emerging as a stand out, and this release shows it. It’s a big step up for her, and she’s got shows lined up to support it as well. Oh, and hey, I produced track 4, “Hip Hop or Rap”, which features Mad Static. So, if that’s not enough reason for you to download it, I dunno what is.

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  • I am gonna break down this Mixtape/album.. or whatever … I always considerd if you use exclusive beats on a project it is seen more as a Album then a Mixtape.. I have many years in this hip hop biz, This album is Solid like Rock. lol But at the same time has alot of room for improvement. For instance the start off track of the project I feel should have had at least a rapped hook in between verses or BU should have dropped right after your verse the beat was not that dope to have it just play out for that short pause or May I suggest get a DJ to do cuts at the breaks would have made that jump off track more enjoyable. Annie Mae Definatley blesses hooks throughout the Project… I do feel the bridge/chorus at the end of track 3 kinda dragged out though Annie Mae has a beautiful grimey sounding voice when she sings which makes her Unique i feel that it kinda dragged… I do like your interludes and intro outro’s on the project .. “Hip Hop Or Rap” To me is the best track on this project not just cause the Mad Static feature verse is a vry dominate verse on the project but cause the beat and everything ties in nice the singing though I think would have been doper as a background and rapping hook should have been laid over it . But coo track… Track 6 Seems to be your more personal emotional track on the project. Rocksolid’s lyrical Content is there, which is rare for alot of female emcee’s but the flow and delivery on each track varies, she seems comfortable flowing over certain Tempo beats then others…. Overall the project is Solid Just alot of room for improvement be4 the next one drops… Pz Love and Respect from yours Truely….

    -Taiyamo Denku

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