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DJ Cell & RockzSolid Live At The Spot

Well, if you’re in Milwaukee, and you’ve looked out the window, or checked Facebook, you know it’s snowing. So, why not check out a live set from Rockzsolid? It’s like a live concert just for you. All of the tracks are from RockzSolid’s “For The Love” mixtape, which came out around a month ago. You should listen to it, especially

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RockzSolid – “For The Love” Mixtape

In Milwaukee, the south side is the least represented side of town, and in many instances it’s for good reason. However, RockzSolid is definitely emerging as a stand out, and this release shows it. It’s a big step up for her, and she’s got shows lined up to support it as well. Oh, and hey, I produced track 4, “Hip

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RockzSolid Featuring Pudj – “Pressure”

RockzSolid is busy. She’s currently working on an album, preparing a mixtape for release, and running her own business at Brewed Fresh Records. Couple that with the daily stuff that everyone has to go through, and you get the material for “Pressure” the newest track off of her upcoming mixtape “For The Love”. Oh, and there may be a video

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