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AUDIO: Xposed 4heads – “Watch Out”

Art rock band Xposed 4heads’ latest is a fun dance-pop tune about running around hiding from authority. The robotic-alien chorus repeatedly shouts for us to watch our backs because “they’re” setting traps and stopping at nothing. It’s delightfully vague yet vigilant. You can hear how much fun the band likely had with this one; Xposed 4heads has been running for

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VIDEO: Xposed 4Heads – “Slack It”

The music of Xposed 4Heads has, for decades, been found as delightfully weird. The band, which originally made their debut in 1982, and has revitalized itself in recent years, takes a heavy influence from the then contemporary new wave craze of the time, most notably synth/art/avante garde rock legends DEVO. “Slack It’, and it’s amusingly unique video, has another connection

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