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AUDIO: Nosferatu- “Society’s Bastard”

Austin-based Nosferatu’s latest album spits track after track of abrasive, pummeling punk tracks recorded at what sounds like 100 miles per hour. A total of 11 songs cover police brutality, education, borders and nationalism, and hurls lyrics like bricks at all of these topics through noisy, chaotic sound. This tape is for you if you’re a fan of older hardcore

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AUDIO: Slogan Boy – “6 Track CS”

Hardcore punks Slogan Boy dropped a new tape featuring six tracks – two old ones, two new ones, and two covers. The covers are from Circle One and Reagan Youth. If you like blistering and unabashed Midwest punk, look no further – Slogan Boy aren’t putting up with the racist, classist, hatemongering bullshit. Stay tuned for their upcoming debut full-length

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