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AUDIO: Tony Catania – “Songs Ad Libitum / Three Pieces for Electro​-​Acoustic Duo / Portal”

Experimental artist Tony Catania’s latest album consists of compositions birthed from creative euphoria. The first eleven tracks encompass “Songs Ad Libitum” while tracks 12-14 are “Three Pieces for Electro-Acoustic Duo” performed with Nicholas Elert, and the final track “Portal” features Jay Mollerskov. Everything on “Songs” is improvised; Catania uses tenor saxophone and found objects to explore sonic spaces. “Three Pieces”

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AUDIO: Tony Catania – “Fairly Certain”

Free-improv jazz group Tony Catania Trio have a new record out this week. Featuring Catania on tenor sax, Barry Paul Clark on bass, and Devin Drobka on drums, this body of work is an authentic practice of intention with immediacy. The three musicians speak to one another via their instruments’ languages, effectively creating synergy through avant-garde conduits. The title seems

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