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AUDIO: Tidal – “Buzz O)))”

Experimental rock act Tidal released a new track last week. Spanning almost nine minutes, “Buzz O)))” opens with flickering whispers and oceanic distortion before building into a menacing guitar melody and stomping, dooming rhythm. There’s an overall fearsome atmosphere here that concludes with a noisy yet textural discombobulation. Brace yourself for a heavy psych wash from Tidal!

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AUDIO: Tidal – “The Bends”

Tidal are a new project on the block who just released their debut release. Incorporating elements of doom, noise, psychedelic and stoner rock, it’s one single track that spans fifteen minutes long. An other-worldly and kaleidoscopic atmosphere is conjured through layers of ambient textures, heavy guitars, patient rhythms and variable tempos. “The Bends” carries us through a landscape of air,

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