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AUDIO: Thriftones – “Lovin’ Man/Addict’s Lament”

Psychedelic-Americana rockers Thriftones dropped a two-piece to close the year. The first song “Lovin’ Man” is a jangly tune about fancying someone and wondering who’d be their lover if not you; the second song “Addict’s Lament” is self-explanatory and touches on the vicious cycle of coming down and getting high. With a melancholy atmosphere cloaking vocalist Matt Davies, “Addict’s Lament”

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AUDIO: Matthew Davies – “Middle Child”

Singer-songwriter Matthew Davies, well-known as vocalist for psychedelic blues rock band Thriftones, is out with a new album. Recorded over the last few months, Davies was inspired by Milwaukee summertime and bicycling across the city with these songs. He shares sentiments of not being able to break out of patterns, feeling stuck, wanting what he can’t have, and vices. Davies

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