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AUDIO: Thomas Xavier – “Money in the Bank”

House producer Thomas Xavier dropped a new single out on Pharaoh Phonix Records. Xavier’s tunes are known to take us on cosmic adventures through time and space, and this song keeps that knack for daring adventure going with flow too real and a rhythm rhyme. The beat thumps powerfully, arousing excitement while retaining a sense of mystery; Thomas Xavier is

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AUDIO: Thomas Xavier – “I’m A Boss”

House producer Thomas Xavier has kept it moving quick this year, launching a record label and releasing his “Good Dome” EP before it was even May. He’s got another new single out and it’ll have you grooving like you own the damn place. “I’m A Boss” has an underground nightclub flavor embellished with electronic zaps and stylish vocal repetitions, and

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VIDEO: Thomas Xavier – “Funky Skunk”

It’s an exciting time for house producer Thomas Xavier. This past week he launched his own label Pharaoh Phonix, and to kick things off he’s released a new single with his first-ever music video. He’s found doing his thing behind the booth, enjoying a blunt as the show goes on. There’s something special about music videos where the artist is

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AUDIO: Thomas Xavier – “Level Up”

House producer Thomas Xavier has a new single out. It’s a hopping, snare-tapping tune featuring a female vocal sample telling you that if you want to play then you better level up. You better do what she says and step up your game in order to party with Thomas Xavier; he’s brought another boatload of fun with this one.

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AUDIO: Thomas Xavier – “Make That Kitty Purr”

House producer Thomas Xavier’s latest single indeed samples a cat’s meow. It’s a club hit that will charm your inner animal as you shake your money maker. So we hope you like felines. Thomas Xavier has been steady with the fun electronic dance bangers in the last few months, and it’s got to be a sign of something bigger to

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