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AUDIO: Lady Cannon – “Take It Out On Me”

Lady Cannon recently announced that they are disbanding – but not before they released a new EP. Martha Cannon’s enchanting blend of folk, Americana, and pop takes us for a dance one last time as the band touches on themes such as distance growing between two lovers, misplacing love, and coming back to someone who’s hurt you. An ensemble of

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VIDEO: The Steph Lippert Project – “Which Witch?”

Steph Lippert is a musician known for her work in bands such as Ruth B8r Ginsburg, L’Resorts and Lady Cannon as well as DJing as Gramma Matrix. She’s got her own band going now, The Steph Lippert Project, and recently their first video came out. Shot by bandmates Dena Aronsen and Frank Martinelli, “Which Witch?” finds Lippert riding the bus

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AUDIO: Johanna Rose – “Lunar Eclipse”

Singer-songwriter Johanna Rose has a new record out of which they wrote much of while living in a treehouse they built last summer. These songs theme around love and attachment, grieving a past fire with someone else and clinging onto the notion that what you had together will mean something till the end of time. Rose uses the super flower

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