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AUDIO: Klassik – “Seasons”

So, in all honesty, this summer has been crazy busy for me, and I got a bit lazy on the blog. However, I simply can’t neglect posting Klassik’s “Seasons” LP from earlier this summer. This is twelve tracks of beautiful, soulful compositions, and a swagger that only Klass can provide. The best thing about this project is that Klassik does

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AUDIO: Klassik – “Hi Klass”

Klassik is speeding through his season-themed mixtapes, in anticipation of his “Seasons” LP to culminate the previous four releases. With one single already released, “Hi Klass” is the second track to be declared a single from “Seasons”, and may appear on the upcoming “Autumn” EP as well. The track combines Klassik’s signature smooth, piano/orchestral production with the rigidness of contemporary

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AUDIO: Klassik – “Winter (EP)”

Klass is back in session. One of Milwaukee’s most versatile talents, Klassik, is back with his “Winter” EP, the first in a four part “Seasons” series. At the heart of this EP is single “Andromeda”, which features Chicago’s Bone Lang. However, from the first verse of “STRNGRS”, it’s apparent that everything Klassik is doing is next level. There’s impeccable production

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