‘Seasons’ by JITT Encourages You to Pursue Your Goals

JITT’s music is a blend of many genres combined. It’s something new, fresh, and original. When he was younger, his family would play soul music all the time, like Marvin Gaye and James Brown. As he grew older, he was interested in artists like Nas, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne, but he still kept his roots.

JITT can write his songs with music and without. He usually freestyles words, melodies, and hooks. Most of the time, song inspiration comes to him randomly throughout the day.

His latest single, ‘Seasons,’ has a chill bass-thumping vibe with a catchy melodic hook.  With this, JITT is confident that this song is going to be a fan favorite. He shares, “The track details a lot of things we go through as people/artists in pursuit of achieving your goals.”

From the start of the song, ‘Seasons’ has a welcoming sound. Then, it will greet you with some of JITT’s lyrical skills. This single is part of JITT’s latest EP entitled Alienated, currently streaming on all platforms.

Listen to JITT’s ‘Seasons’ on YouTube.



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