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Banks at Pabst: A Review

As it goes with a lot of artists, I distinctly remember first hearing about Banks. It was 2014, and I was in my dreaded magazine writing class, a few months from graduating journalism school in Arizona. Word to the wise, not from the wise–wait, what’s that saying? Never. Take. Magazine. Writing. Do listen to Banks. My friend Patrick who’s now

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Two Door Cinema Club Blows MKE Away with their First Show Here

The audience was quiet and waiting around slowly anticipating Two Door Cinema Club’s premiere MKE’s show at Pabst Theater. Being hump day, you can tell people were tired and very little low energy after the week. Suddenly, an insane light show started to happen. EDM pump up music started playing, making me and everyone else confused of where they were.

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New Pornographers Rock Out at Pabst Theater

Bright colored lights and a stage full of instruments stared the audience in the face as they awaited New Pornographers to take the Pabst Theater stage. It no time at all, the large band of eight people came out and people admittedly went nuts. No, porn didn’t take place; I swear, they are musicians. Anyways, their lights went brighter, the

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Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Brings Zombies in America to the Pabst

photo courtesy of Kelsea McCulloch / Pabst Theater Group On Wednesday, March 22nd, Andrew McMahon returned to Milwaukee at The Pabst on his Zombies in America tour. Accompanied by Atlas Genius and Night Riots, it was an emotional, colorful, and alt-rock fused event that won’t soon be forgotten. The night was kicked off by California-born Night Riots, whose raw lyrics

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Ben Gibbard Captivates Milwaukee Yet Again

Growing up in a music-loving household, I was introduced and fell in love with the voice and sound of alternative-rock at a young age, particularly Death Cab for Cutie. The soft hurt and beauty always found a way to chill my bones, (and still does to this day). Fast forward a few years, to a chilly January evening as I

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Top Concerts in Milwaukee of 2016

I was lucky enough to have record year of concert going in my life time. Pretty much every concert I went to happened in Milwaukee. So, since this crazy year of music is wrapping up, I wanted to give you a taste of the top concerts I had a pleasure of witnessing this year. Here’s the countdown: 10.) TACOCAT AT

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