REVIEW: Kurt Vile And The Violators Concert

Last night Kurt Vile showcased himself in Milwaukee for the first time to a sold-out show at the Pabst. The crowd presence was an impressive amalgamation of all ages, each person packed together making the venue appear smokey. As Kurt Vile stepped on stage, an uproar of fan love flowed throughout the crowd. Opening with “Walking On A Pretty Day” gave the audience a feel for what was in store for the next two hours of Indie/Folk/Rock phenomenon that is Kurt Vile and The Violators. Followed up by “I’m An Outlaw” and “Pretty Pimpin'” set the tone for how we thought the rest of the show would go. Unfortunately, after the third song almost all momentum was stripped from the show. After his most popular song, the crowd was on their toes waiting for what would come next from the talented guitarist. However, Kurt decided to lull his crowd and play some rather slow acoustic hits off his solo album. The next hour and a half followed suit of slower indie rock that still wowed and kept fans wanting more. Although true fans enjoyed what was going on, much of the rest of the crowd began to lose interest as I saw people surrounding me talking, face timing and taking selfies. What Kurt lacks in rock show presence, he recovers in his sound. The show itself came through with extraordinarily clear sound, mixed with acoustic reverb, and at one point a saxophone interlude. Kurt doesn’t have much stage presence or interaction with the crowd other than a few thank you’s and woohoo’s in between songs, but still managed to captivate those listening as to what his next song may be. Overall, I experienced a highly talented guitarist reminiscent of Bob Dylan-like folk music, with Jack White’s huge sound that culminated together to form a fantastic experience for an artist that is finally beginning to gain popularity.

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