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AUDIO: Xposed 4heads – “Are We Crazy?”

Longtime new wave fellas Xposed 4heads have kicked their 2023 off with a new single. The band is known for incorporating humor into their material, and this tune is no exception – everyone’s going nuts and no one knows what’s going on! But that’s okay because we get to move and groove to this fun, animated ditty. Xposed 4heads lose

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AUDIO: Xposed 4heads – “Planet A’ Go-Go”

New wave rockers Xposed 4heads have their new album out today. It’s a planetary party with plenty of funky grooves and sci-fi energy. The 4heads bring friendly, welcoming fun to the forefront with synth solos, group vocals, and danceable delight. Even in the midst of the apocalypse, the band is here to entertain. Star Girls make an appearance on the

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AUDIO: Xposed 4heads – “Dance with the Krampus”

New wave rockers Xposed 4heads’ latest tune is about the half-goat, half-demon Krampus of German folklore. He comes out every Christmas to punish all the bad children while Santa rewards the good ones. It’s a silly upbeat jam that people of all ages may get down with. Beware – Krampus might come eat you if you don’t behave!

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AUDIO: Xposed 4heads – “Watch Out”

Art rock band Xposed 4heads’ latest is a fun dance-pop tune about running around hiding from authority. The robotic-alien chorus repeatedly shouts for us to watch our backs because “they’re” setting traps and stopping at nothing. It’s delightfully vague yet vigilant. You can hear how much fun the band likely had with this one; Xposed 4heads has been running for

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