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INTERVIEW: Claire Kelly

Many people talk about chasing a dream, but few actually dive in head first to do so. Singer/songwriter Claire Kelly, however, took the plunge after generating a local buzz for herself while attending Marquette University. Kelly, who used to frequently play gigs around Milwaukee, moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music, but is returning to the city she

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AUDIO: Skyway Man – “Terre, 9999”

What’s in a name, anyway? James Wallace, aka The Naked Light, has unveiled a new persona, as Skyway Man. To go with that, he also announced that his first album with the new name will be “Seen Comin’ From a Mighty Eye”, due out February 10th. The first single, “Terre, 9999” is classic Americana with a modern take and an indie

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AUDIO: Dee Goodz – “When I Do It”

Nashville emcee Dee Goodz has a bass-heavy banger in his back pocket with his latest single, “When I Do It”. The track was recently released by the song’s producer, Jean Kengz from Paris, France. Kengz has collaborated with a plethora of artists all over the world, including Milwaukee’s own IshDARR. “When I Do It” is a whole new level of

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Bully at Cactus Club: A Review

Bully played at Cactus Club on Tuesday, Jan. 19, accompanied by tour mates Fake Limbs that served as the opener. Perhaps an unlikely pair, as Fake Limbs’ almost theatrically boisterous presence was countered by the paradoxical subdued aggression of Bully. If you’re unfamiliar with Bully, it is a punk-y, grungy alt-rock group formed by audio engineer, vocalist and guitar player

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