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AUDIO: MNTRY – “MJ Essentials”

R&B artist MNTRY’s new single is about a woman who’s “Michael Jackson Bad.” She’s got so much to love about her; the ones before MNTRY were foolish to let a woman like her get away. He’s happy he’s got her now and wants to personally thank her mom and dad for bringing her into the world. It’s a sensual banger

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AUDIO: MNTRY – “Please You”

R&B artist MNTRY’s latest single is about an intimate affair in the bedroom. His goal is to make his lover feel like a million bucks and it feels like a sexual adventure together. He sings with euphoria in a perfect match with the subject matter, emphasizing that he’s hers as long as they’re in the room. We hope to hear

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VIDEO: MNTRY – “Back of This Uber”

R&B artist MNTRY (formerly known as Tr3y) has a new single and video out. As the title suggests, he’s in the back of a ride with a girl and is tempted to be intimate with her in the Phillyflyboy-directed visual. The driver isn’t looking and the bedroom’s thirty minutes away. It’s a provocative tune that suits a nighttime romantic venture

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