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AUDIO: Michael Jantz – “Peace 3ree”

Experimental-psychedelia artist Michael Jantz released an EP this week. It’s three tracks that continue Jantz’s hazy, sun-kissed odyssey through peace and nature, but this time it’s divided into movements. There’s wonder, then there’s discombobulation, then there’s abrasiveness. Michael Jantz has been juxtaposing serenity and surrealness with his output, and this EP is a premier culmination of such.

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AUDIO: Michael Jantz – “Peace! 2”

Experimental-psychedelia artist Michael Jantz (formerly Black Eagle Child) follows up his recent debut single under his own name with a sequel. This one begins with a thumping bass repetition before a guitar begins wandering, coated with this hiss of lo-fi recording. We feel like we’re watching a grainy tape of animals in their natural habitats from decades ago. Michael Jantz

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AUDIO: Michael Jantz – “Peace One”

Experimental-psychedelia artist Michael Jantz, once known for project Black Eagle Child, is out with a new track. Spanning almost six minutes, it’s got a lo-fi quality to it that evokes imagery of walking through a humid, hazy meadow. With an underlying repetitious guitar riff, there’s an additional guitar that explores space with gradual confidence, giving a “floating” feeling. It’s Michael

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