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AUDIO: Surefire FT. Dylan Greenhill – “Suppressive Thoughts”

Metalcore act Surefire released a new single today that confronts the pervasive, rotten thoughts that echo in one’s mind. Featuring vocalist Dylan Greenhill of Vapid Soul, this devilish headbanger unleashes hell on peace, cornering you at every turn. It’s an absolute beatdown brawler, crumbling atmosphere and all. There’s no escape with “Suppressive Thoughts” – stay tuned for more to come

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VIDEO: These Fading Visions – “Let Me Out”

Metalcore act These Fading Visions are out with the music video for a song off last year’s album “Generation Disorder.” Clocking in at just under two minutes, “Let Me Out” is a cathartic cry to be saved from oneself. Shot by Dolister Films, the video features vocalist Justin Weidower bringing a strong, shrieking delivery while a brutal brawl is going

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AUDIO: Surefire – “Scars”

Metalcore act Surefire are a new one to look out for. Their latest single is driven by pounding down-tuned guitars and screeching cacophony, confronting the voices in your head that never stop screaming. It’s about demons and what haunts you, forcing you to dig deep into your soul to face epic battles. Stay tuned for more to come from Surefire

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AUDIO: Graysea – “Manipulation”

Metal-mathcore act Graysea tackle broken hearts and broken promises with their latest single. Love is deceitful and unforgiving, and the band channels the morbid reality of abandonment through unrelenting shrieks, fierce tempo changes and lyrics from a gut-wrenching place. Graysea let out one hell of a cry with “Manipulation.”

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AUDIO: Graysea – “Worth/Less”

Metal-mathcore band Graysea dropped a new single this week. It’s a crushing hardcore tune about pain, fear and hopelessness and being blinded by grief and abandonment. With cacophonous riffage and mercurial tempos, Graysea deliver a haunting ode to the uninvited demons. Stay tuned for more to come from them soon!

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AUDIO: Seven Cities Dead – “The Perfect Disease”

Metalcore band Seven Cites Dead are out with a new EP. It’s three raging tracks of awakened suffering, being forsaken, and hate being sown. There’s a recurring theme of being controlled and pitted against one another here, and that gets channeled through shrieks, smacks and slams. Rob Ellis is featured on the title track’s vocals. Seven Cities Dead deliver the

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