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AUDIO: Graysea – “Worth/Less”

Metal-mathcore band Graysea dropped a new single this week. It’s a crushing hardcore tune about pain, fear and hopelessness and being blinded by grief and abandonment. With cacophonous riffage and mercurial tempos, Graysea deliver a haunting ode to the uninvited demons. Stay tuned for more to come from them soon!

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AUDIO: Seven Cities Dead – “The Perfect Disease”

Metalcore band Seven Cites Dead are out with a new EP. It’s three raging tracks of awakened suffering, being forsaken, and hate being sown. There’s a recurring theme of being controlled and pitted against one another here, and that gets channeled through shrieks, smacks and slams. Rob Ellis is featured on the title track’s vocals. Seven Cities Dead deliver the

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AUDIO: Still Stayer – “EVEREND”

Metalcore band Still Stayer released their highly-anticipated debut EP today. The band brings dense melodies, spacious atmosphere, and hardhanded vocals in their deeply emotional sonic odyssey. There’s recurring themes of perpetual suffering and imminent doom, where one struggles to grasp for the light at the end of the tunnel while keeping damnation at bay. “Dream” features a powerful singing passage

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AUDIO: Still Stayer – “The Cycle”

Metalcore band Still Stayer dropped a new single today from their upcoming EP “Everend.” The song is about self-destruction that repeats until you’ve got nothing left; you feel like you’re getting pulled into a storm constantly and losing any sense of control. But you can’t help it because you’re in love with the feeling. Still Stayer bring a uniquely atmospheric

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