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VIDEO: Graysea – “Balloons”

Graysea is a new metalcore band on our radar, and they recently dropped their first single and video. The visuals are shot by Heartfelt Media and Las Possum Productions in the bands’ friends’ garage; they play in a sea of balloons (obviously) while covered in fake blood and as a clown terrorizes them. It’s a brutal first ripper from Graysea

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VIDEO: After Hour Animals – “Lose My Head”

Metalcore band After Hour Animals released a new single and video today. Shot by Enterprise Films, the video features the band performing on an illuminated stage, complete with strobes and multicolored beams. The song is about overthinking, and how you can literally drive yourself insane from second-guessing what you do and say. It’s a powerfully relatable banger that tackles a

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AUDIO: Designed After Nothing – “Punishment”

Metalcore band Designed After Nothing are out with their debut full-length album. As you can imagine, it’s a grim and tortured release, with the shrieks and growls and groans you’d expect from the depths of Hell. There isn’t much of a happy ending anywhere in sight; the band makes it known that judgment is upon us and there’s no escaping,

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AUDIO: Shifter – “Choke Me Down”

Shifter is a new metalcore duo consisting of Armon Hassan and Nik Voyn, who play in metalcore band After Hour Animals together. Their debut single has a brutal bite and confronts when you fall into one bad habit after another, making you feel hopelessly suffocated. Armon’s shrieks rattle the soul as the fate of those trapped in vicious cycles spills

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VIDEO: After Hour Animals – “My Anxiety”

Metalcore band After Hour Animals have a new single and video out this week. The song is about being haunted by pain and worry, and constantly finding ways to numb it. The video thematically translates this into a scene featuring a killer (Armon Hassan) terrorizing a group of people having fun in a winter cabin, taking them out one by

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VIDEO: After Hour Animals – “High Strung”

Metalcore band After Hour Animals have a new single and video out. Featuring a model with elaborate makeup (Elysia Azazel), Nik Voyn and Armon Hassan switch off vocals about having immense tension while around someone, which only gets cured with drugs and alcohol. Directed by the band’s drummer Xavier Schaetzke, it’s a provocative and exciting visual that shrieks with anxious

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