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AUDIO: Mertles Acres – “The American Dream EP”

Rock and roll band Mertles Acres have a new EP out. It’s six tracks full of punk-tinged power pop sensibilities. These songs confront feelings of collapse, loneliness, and losing control themed with the American Dream – being told you can do it all yourself when really you need others. The facade of American self-determination has been getting exposed – leaving

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AUDIO: Mertles Acres – “This Fires Burnin'”

Indie rock duo Mertles Acres’ latest single was inspired by Kesha, believe it or not. It’s an upbeat pop song incorporating a electronic production and a fun hook. The lyrics were taken from a demo of an unfinished song, culminating into a unique fusion. Hopefully this is a sign of something bigger from Mertles Acres.

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Artist Spotlight: Live Tetherball Tonight

Indie rock outfit Flat Teeth held their “Silent Seconds” album release party at Cactus Club Friday night, bringing along with them two-piece punk band Mertles Acres and emo band Live Tetherball Tonight. A packed house came out to support. Live Tetherball Tonight consists of lead vocalist/guitarist Ryan Gehrig, bassist Josh Rardin, and drummer Josiah Kuechenmeister. Formed five years ago, the

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