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Experimental-psychedelic folk project Mere of Light played at the Jazz Gallery in Riverwest on Thursday evening alongside New York-based experimental artist Cal Fish, Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter Itchy Kisses, and Milwaukee’s improvisational noise collective Frenia. Candles and trippy lights illuminated the dark room, making for an intimate evening of eclectic talent. Mere of Light is the project of Elise McArdle, who utilizes

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AUDIO: Mere of Light – “Fell Tales”

Experimental-electronic folk project Mere of Light is the solo effort of Elise McArdle, known for their role as vocalist/keyboardist of shoegaze band Cream Vellum. Mere of Light’s debut EP is out now, consisting of five tracks all with the harp as main instrument. McArdle’s lyrical themes touch on resounding emotional reactions to change, as well as the personal empowerment that

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VIDEO: Mere of Light – “Moon From a Well”

Elise McArdle is known as the vocalist and keyboardist from dream pop band Cream Vellum. She’s begun a new project called Mere of Light, in which she’s experimenting with harp and poetic storytelling while joined by Eddie Chapman of Gauss on guitar; their debut single and video is out now. It’s an animation by Anthony Clementi depicting sketches of nature

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