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Christ B & Moses – “Recognition” (Video)

Mad Static sent me this video on Twitter the other night. I watched it last night after a ridiculously long study session, and was blown away. I always appreciate it when anything local is done with a high level of professionalism or creativity. Everything about this video is well done. The bombed out locations, the TV mixed with the vintage

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Mad Static – “Let The Church Say… Amen!”

After much anticipation, Mad Static has released his first project in two years. “Let The Church Say… Amen!” has a very diverse sound to it. At times, it reminds me of A Tribe Called Quest and Raekwon, and at times it reminds me of a Kanye West album. Either way, I’m totally okay with listening to either. Oh yeah, and

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RockzSolid – “For The Love” Mixtape

In Milwaukee, the south side is the least represented side of town, and in many instances it’s for good reason. However, RockzSolid is definitely emerging as a stand out, and this release shows it. It’s a big step up for her, and she’s got shows lined up to support it as well. Oh, and hey, I produced track 4, “Hip

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