Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 4/19/13 – Mad Static

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Mad Static

This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week has a unique sound, and a flow that many people can’t be compared to. Mad Static is vocally a very distinct emcee than most from the first time that you hear him rap. Personally, the first time that I had heard him, he sounded reminiscent of a lot of old school, classic hip hop artists with his delivery. Static manages to somehow almost blend eras, with a very old school way of bouncing his voice around beats while still keeping a new school toughness in his voice. The end result is something truly unique to listen to.

Mad Static is also a part of a record label that is making a very strong name for themselves. Higher Education Records, AKA HER, has managed to establish itself in the Midwest and beyond, with some of their members recently making an appearance at South by Southwest in Austin. In a relatively short amount of time, HER has begun to carve its own path to success, with talented artists like Mad Static leading the charge.

While Mad Static only has one full project released, 2012’s “Let The Church Say… Amen!”, he manages to get around from song to song, frequently collaborating with a variety of Milwaukee artists, picking up a lot of guest verses. This exposure has helped Static make a name for himself, and it only continues to get bigger with the success of both himself as an artist and Higher Education Records. Check out his latest video, “Untouchable” here:

For more Mad Static, check out his Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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