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VIDEO: Keegan Calmes – “Dangerous”

Pop artist Keegan Calmes has the video out from his most recent single “Dangerous.” Shot by Creative Northern, Calmes is shown in the studio performing the song with drummer Timothy Wolf. The song is about risky love that Calmes has struggled to push away, and he puts a face to these emotions with an energetic jam session. It’s a catchy

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AUDIO: Joe Quinto FT. Keegan Calmes – “Winter in Wisconsin”

Hip hop-R&B artist Joe Quinto teamed up with N43 pop artist Keegan Calmes for his first single in nearly a year and a half. The song takes a baroque pop approach while lyrically comparing the frigid winters here to intense loneliness. Quinto raps about wondering what he’ll do from here and is determined to not plateau. The song, luckily, is

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AUDIO: Keegan Calmes – “Birthday”

Keegan Calmes of N43 Records is out with a new single, and it’s about the loneliness that comes with birthdays. He’s not looking forward to drinking alone and needs company. For one, it’s easy to expect too much from your birthday, which often backfires. But Calmes is also speaking to the isolated nature of quarantine, as many cannot celebrate their

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