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AUDIO: Joseph Huber – “The Downtowner”

Americana-folk singer-songwriter Joseph Huber’s out with his sixth record. It’s nine songs, featuring the likes of Eston Bennett, Kenny Leiser and Ryan Knudson on instrumental accompaniment. Huber’s poetic poignance grapples with love, loss, and regret in the spirit of earth-trodden folk. He ruminates in hollowed memories of what once was while expressing gratitude for his ability to feel so deeply.

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AUDIO: Joseph Huber – “Aeolian Wind”

Singer-songwriter Joseph Huber has a new single out. Clocking in at nearly seven and a half minutes long, Huber poetically conveys reflections about the constantly-changing environment around us. “Aeolian wind” refers to how the wind gradually shifts the surface of the Earth over time. It’s a coming-of-age tune pertaining to what occurs naturally to our planet’s faces but also holds

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