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AUDIO: Jon Mueller – “Family Secret”

Experimental percussion artist Jon Mueller has a new record out today. We are welcomed by “Whose Emptiness” which puts us in a trance of abandoned buildings and desecrated trinkets through textural percussion. We then enter “Black Glass,” which adds an immense layer of mystery with rippling, reverberating frequencies. Among the instruments Mueller employs with these pieces are singing bowls, gongs,

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VIDEO: Jon Mueller – “Welcome”

Experimental artist Jon Mueller has a video out accompanying his forthcoming record “Family Secret” which drops on the 22nd. He’s known for centering texturally rich percussion as his music’s primary driving force as opposed to conventional melodies. The photography is by Nik Feijen and video is by Kaveh Soofi; it consists of the still interiors within desolate edifices, some intact

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