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AUDIO: Jacob Slade – “Beef & Etc.”

Singer-songwriter Jacob Slade dropped his first single of the year and it’s one about having trouble making up your mind. Slade’s music often comes from a place of speaking to a lover and navigating space with them, and this tune explores the quandaries of miscommunication and difficulty expressing your needs. With groovy guitar and fluttering atmosphere, it’s a gentle tune

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AUDIO: Jacob Slade – “Jupiter”

Singer-songwriter Jacob Slade’s latest single is about giving the parts of yourself you’re most afraid of to someone else. He’s eager to give this person his all, no matter what it takes and no matter the uncertainty. With “Jupiter,” Slade’s trademark feathery vocals accompany a sweet melody that together capture a profound feeling of longing.

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AUDIO: Jacob Slade – “Let You Know / Lost Among the Trees”

Singer-songwriter Jacob Slade welcomes us into fall with two new songs today. Cool, classy and caring are three words to describe Slade’s demeanor here, gently yearning for the companionship of another. He brings his signature dreamy crooning to melodies with subtle rhythmic embellishments, gradually painting vivid pictures. Jacob Slade tackles being lost and then found with “Let You Know” and

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AUDIO: Blacktop – “Dreaming (Feat. Jacob Slade)”

Dream pop artist Blacktop enlisted Jacob Slade for a new single. The two artists have worked together plenty in the past, weaving layers of guitar and vocals together into something palpably luminous. The song’s about never getting something quite right and doubting yourself as a result, so you wonder if you’re kidding yourself. Blacktop and Jacob Slade lay down the

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AUDIO: House Tree – “Overtired”

House Tree is the new collaborative project between Jasmine Rosenblatt of indie pop band Bug Moment and singer-songwriter Jacob Slade. Their debut single is out today, and as the beautiful cover art implies, it invokes imagery of a calm, gentle meadow. The song touches on exhaustion and time passing by, doing your best to live for every moment even though

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