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AUDIO: I, Manifest – “Scapegoat”

Metalcore band I, Manifest are back with a new single. It’s a brutal jam about suffocating under a cloud of toxicity, doomed to be a disgrace. The band utilizes both ends of the metal vocal spectrum here with shrieks and growls, as well as having a killer breakdown that will rattle skulls. Get excited for their new EP “Nihilist” due

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AUDIO: I, Manifest – “Eyes Sewn Shut feat. Jared Wesley”

Metalcore band I, Manifest has a new single out featuring vocalist Jared Wesley of death metal band Silura. The song is about being haunted by your mistakes and struggling to live with yourself. The breakdowns and growls completely shatter your ego and obliterate any sense of pride you had. I, Manifest is likely working on a full-length project with all

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AUDIO: I, Manifest – “Planting the Seed”

Djent-metalcore band I, Manifest are out with yet another track – their fifth of the year. This song has a brutally low pitched riff that rumbles under vocalist Robert Strauss’ shrieks about money and power. It speaks to living under an oppressive system where money feeds greed and selfishness while others are left to suffer, grasping for a chance at

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