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VIDEO: Dinner Set Gang – “Are You Someplace Else?”

Psych pop act Dinner Set Gang dropped their debut LP “Are You Someplace Else?” last week, and with it came a music video for the title track. Directed by Kurt Ravenwood, the scene is set in a hotel with a couple folks exploring the halls, eventually all finding themselves in the swimming pool with choreographed dance moves and all. Join

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AUDIO: Dinner Set Gang – “Are You Someplace Else?

Dinner Set Gang are out with their debut LP today. The surreal, colorful psych pop that Josh Evert and Derek De Vinney have conjured with this project over the last two years is fully realized through a multilayered doomscape of existential dread, seeking pleasure in the little things, being a cog in the machine, loneliness, and dancing through the despair.

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VIDEO: Dinner Set Gang – “Ceiling Fan”

Doomed psych pop band Dinner Set Gang unveiled their video for “Ceiling Fan” from debut EP “La Fata Turchina.” Edited by the band’s own Josh Evert, the visuals consist of archive footage from the 1986 Cleveland Balloonfest. There’s certainly a Lynchian feel here where everything seems so jolly and happy at first but something doesn’t quite seem right. Then there’s

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AUDIO: Dinner Set Gang – “La Fata Turchina”

Doom pop duo Dinner Set Gang have released their debut EP. Beginning with a most ethereal introduction, the EP moves into warm psychedelia that beckons us for a surreal beach journey. “La Fata Turchina” translates to “The Blue Fairy” (from Pinocchio) which feels appropriate for the whimsical lyrics and vivid imagery touching on craving connection, searching for answers, and breaking

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AUDIO: Dinner Set Gang – “Ceiling Fan”

Cover artwork for Dinner Set Gang - "Ceiling Fan"

Doomed psych pop band Dinner Set Gang have another single out today. Similar to their previous songs, this one’s got a playful feel, but it adds an extra layer of hot and humid air as if hundreds of balloons are swarming the vicinity (as depicted in the cover art). With vocals from Caley Conway, the tune is vividly colorful and

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