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AUDIO: BVSMV – “Sideways in Dreams”

Dream pop project BVSMV cranked out another single right before the new year. Picture yourself standing atop a glacier gazing at massive celestial bodies in the vast night sky. That’s quite literally what the single’s cover art is, but it’s picture-perfect for this twinkling synth ditty. We hope there will be more from BVSMV soon.

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AUDIO: BVSMV – “Escapism”

Chillwave artist BVSMV is out with a new EP on Triplicate Records. It’s a perfect morning listen, glistening with syrupy synths and adventurous passages. It’s immersive in charm and wonder as it feels like you leap from dream to dream, living up to its name. There’s a retro 80’s influence but a modern dream pop aesthetic as well. BVSMV dropped

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AUDIO: BVSMV and Running in Slow Motion – “Moments”

Ambient synth project BVSMV teamed up with fellow chillwave fixture Running in Slow Motion for a new EP. Right off the bat, “Day Dream” sends us into a summertime headspace of puffy clouds and serene breeze, while the following track “Warm Magic” brings us into the moist air over a big blue ocean. These pieces pay precise attention to texture

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