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AUDIO: Beamon – “Dark Matter”

Hip hop artist Beamon’s latest single finds him shrouded in shadows. He raps about being mysterious, haunting people in their dreams and having unconventional ways. The final part of the track is Beamon in full force, screaming with devilish aggression like he’s possessed. If you identify with the darker side of hip hop, look no further than Beamon.

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AUDIO: Beamon – “Fall From Home”

Hip hop artist Beamon has a new album out. The rapper brings his aggressive emo style to a new level, spanning over 24 tracks with variable tones but a consistent mood. The painful subject matter erupts with the tenth track “God of the Winter” where Beamon screams for everything to get the fuck out of his way; the 16th track

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AUDIO: Beamon – “Pink Water”

If you’re looking for a late night, chilled out flow, let us introduce you to Beamon. His latest, “Pink Water”, is just that sound; laid back production from Fructuoso, with a (mostly) smooth flow. As things progress through the track, there are sections where Beamon can’t help but just get aggressive in the background, but that doesn’t necessarily deter from

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