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VIDEO: Husky – “Splinters In The Fire”

Australian indie rockers Husky released a live video for their latest single, “Splinters In The Fire” yesterday, and it’s the kind of relaxed, mid-tempo indie that you could listen to in just about any situation. The video and single comes from their upcoming album, “Punchbuzz”, which is out on June 2nd via Embassy of Music. The video, taken from a

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AUDIO: Taiyamo Denku Featuring Mistaloo Meff – “Sandman’s Sanity”

Sometimes, it seems like Taiyamo Denku is on a one-man crusade to keep boom bap alive. On his new track, however, Denku brings Mistaloo Meff along for the ride, and both put their skills on full display on “Sandman’s Sanity”. Produced by Australian producer and CyphaDen collaborator DCypha, the track puts an emphasis on lyricism, with both artists putting in

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VIDEO: Capture – “Dingbats”

The Australian band once known as Capture the Crown recently went through a bit of transformation, and have decided to move forward as simply Capture. The reincarnated band hasn’t completely left their legacy behind, however, as you can see snippets of their time under a previous moniker in their new video for “Dingbats”, from the band’s upcoming record, “Lost Control”.

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VIDEO: High Tropics – “15 Years”

It’s not very often that a band’s debut single is of much significance; in many cases, the early work isn’t appreciated until much later in a band’s lifespan, if there even gets to be a “much later” in the first place. That’s not the case for new Australian band, High Tropics. The band’s first single and video, “15 Years”, has

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